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6. M awoke on a metal table with straps across his body. He tried to move but couldn’t. He looked around the room. It was cold and sterile, like an operating room. He heard water running and someone humming to themselves in another room.

“Oh doctor” a man called in the corner of the room.

M struggled to see a pale looking man standing straight up in the corner by his feet looking at him.

“Yes Gregory?” Answered the doctor.

The doctor walked in with a towel wiping his hands. Gregory lifted his arm as fast as he could and pointed at M. The doctor put Gregory’s hand back down by his side, gave him a foolish look and walked over to M.

M looked up at him confused.

“And how are we feeling?” Asked the doctor.

“Where am I? Who are you? asked M.

“Well.” The doctor started.”My name is doctor Fallo.” He pointed to himself.”He, is my assistant Gregory.” He pointed to Gregory.”You.” He pointed at M.”Are in my lab.” He moved his hands in a big circle.”Underground,” the doctor made a motion with both hands like he was kneading dough.

M looked up at him like he was crazy.

Doctor Fallo was tall with short curly brown hair.

“And who might you be, might I ask?”

“M” said M.

“M?” Asked doctor Fallo.

“Where am I?” Asked M again.

“But I already told you, in my underground laaaaaab” the doctor said while making the kneading motion again.”Wait. Your name is M? Is that E.M? M? What is that?

Gregory laughed.

“Quiet Gregory” said the doctor.

“Just M. How did I get here?” Asked M.

“Gregory found you” said doctor Fallo as he poked at something on M’s right side.”He was going topside to run an errand for me and you were lying there bleeding and half dead. You’re lucky he found you when he did. I’m pretty sure there’s a gang living in that building you were lying near also, and if they would have found you they would have probably eaten you, hmmm. I’ve been meaning to take care of them actually, i’d like to keep it as quiet around this area as I can. I’d send Gregory to do it, but, well… He’s an idiot.”

“I’M AN IDIOT!” Gregory said excitedly at M smiling.

“Yes… Well… Since his accident anyway, i have to fix him, I’ve been very busy lately.” Said doctor Fallo.

“The gangs not a problem anymore.” Said M.

“Oooooooh I see now. Had a bit of a run in did we? That explains a lot. Now I’m even more happy I brought you here. Well I thank you for taking care of that problem. How are you feeling by the way?

“I feel ok” said M.

“Good, I do too. We both feel fine. Excellent. Ok then, let’s get down to business. I am a doctor, as you can see.” He waved his hands down his body like he was presenting a new car.”And when Gregory radioed me and said he’d found a man half dead laying on the ground, I said, so? Then he explained to me your wounds and I thought hmmmm I haven’t done any actual medical practice in a long time. And I didn’t know you and couldn’t care less if you lived or died.” His voice got very excited at the end and he gave M a big smile.”So… I FIXED YOU!” He threw his arms in the air.”And you’re not dead, hooray me.”

Gregory clapped in the corner.

“Ok, soooo.” Doctor Fallo began.”Severe dehydration, multiple infections, misplaced limb, blood loss, bullet wounds, etc. Most of those, very easy. Now, the arm. You see Gregory over there, wave Gregory.”

Gregory waved.

“Yes hello Gregory. See greggy has a secret…” The doctor leaned in and covered half his mouth like he was whispering but he wasn’t. “He’s an android. He’s all metal under there. And I always have some spare parts lying around and I figured, what the hell, it’s Friday. Sooooo…” the doctor undid a few straps on M’s right side and lifted a metal arm attached to the remainder of M’s severed one.”TA DA!”

M’s eyes widened.

The metal arm was the same size as his real one. His skin was stretched over  it in places where it joined. It was a dark silver. Little cable’s ran up the middle of it like tendons attached to the fingers which had their own metal joints.

“Well?” said the doctor.

“I can’t move it” said M.

“No, not yet, I gave you one of my special sedatives. It’s my special brew. Actually I could ask you anything right now and you’d have to tell me the truth, an interesting little side effect. But I won’t, call it, patient courtesy. You should be fine in a little while. “The doctor tried to make M’s arm stay straight up by balancing it on the elbow but it fell over with a clang on the table. “Nuts. Gregory help me undo all his straps.”

They both untied M.

“Alrighty, now, you lay there, and in about ten minutes you’ll start feeling mobile. Mooooooobile. Come Gregory your assistance is required. Excuse us.” Said doctor Fallo.

The doctor went off again into another room, Gregory followed him.

M laid on the table for a while. Slowly his body started to feel like pins and needles all over. He started to flex his hands, and bend his knees. He swung his legs over the side of the table and sat up slowly. Blood rushed to his head. He picked up his right hand to rub his temples and a cold metal object touched his face, he flinched. It was his new arm. M examined it. He bent his fingers and his thumb, made a fist, rotated his wrist. It moved like a real hand. It wasn’t heavy at all. It was completely silent.

“It’s made from a few blends of metal.”

M looked over at the doorway, doctor Fallo was standing there.

“I invented the blend myself, I call it”Fallotium” it’s genius isn’t it. I know. I see you’re up and at em. I’m sure you have questions about it.”

M just stared at him.

“It’s light isn’t it?” Asked the doctor.

M stared at him.

“It’s almost indestructible” said the doctor.

M still stared.

“I liked you better when you were drugged up.” said the doctor.

“What do I do when it breaks?” Asked M, a slight smile on his face.

“HA! I doubt it will break.” Said doctor Fallo. It’s pretty scratch and dent resistant, I can’t even say how fire proof it is, you’d have to toss it in the sun.”Maybe if a bridge collapses on it or something, I don’t know. You seem like you find trouble. But, I’ll tell you what, if it ever needs any repairs you can come back here. You, are now, my patient, and I am your doctor.”

“Am I stronger?” Asked M.

“Not exactly no. The arm is attached to your regular  muscles. It’s as strong as you make yourself. It is however, a metal arm. I would imagine hitting something with it would cause a little bit more damage than your other friend lefty there.”

“How long have I been here?” asked M.

“Three days.” answered the doctor.

Gregory walked in the room holding a tray of food, he handed it to M.

“Please eat” said doctor Fallo,”I have something to discuss with you.”

There was some kind of meat jerky on the tray along with assorted dry fruits and what looked like salad. M went to pick up some jerky with his right hand but stopped, then used his left.

“I have a favor to ask.” Said the doctor.

M stopped chewing.

“See, Gregory wasn’t always the way he is now.”

Doctor Fallo turned to look at Gregory who was staring up at a ceiling light.

“I sent him to retrieve something from one of my colleagues. Yes, there’s a few of us you know. Trying to find answers to all this, maybe try to reverse whatever happened. We’re scattered around. We keep in touch However we can. Anyway, when Gregory returned to me he was barely functional. Something almost destroyed him. All he could remember was a town called “Risen Grace”, He was supposed to bring back a briefcase for me. Apparently something happened there. The briefcase is still there, I have a tracking device on it. I kind of need you to go there and get it back. It’s the least you can do for me for saving your life.” The doctor batted his eyes at M in a mock love fashion.

“What if I refuse?” Asked M.

“Well, I can’t make you go, but I think you will. I trust your face. I don’t have any weapons to offer you, and I don’t know what you will find there. It could be nothing. He might have gotten attacked by any number of things. I plan on updating his defensive skills though so this doesn’t happen again, which is partly the reason I haven’t fully fixed him yet.”

“What’s in the briefcase?” Asked M.

“I’m not entirely sure. Again, it’s from one of my colleagues i’m sure it’s important. You don’t need to leave at this very moment, but, I would like it as soon as possible. It’s hidden, we have a system so nobody takes it, I don’t know exactly where it’s hidden but it’s in the town and I’ll give you the tracking device.”

M continued to eat.

“I’ll leave you alone for a little while to think about it and finish eating.” Said doctor Fallo.

The doctor and Gregory left the room.

M looked at his right hand again. He ran it across the metal table, it made a high pitched squealing sound. He tried picking up some food with it. There was no feeling. It was like having half a numb arm.

After a while the doctor came back in. M had finished all his food.

“Well?” Asked doctor Fallo.

“I need to get my weapons back first” Said M.

“And where are they?” Asked doctor Fallo.

“In the building i was in front of.” Answered M.

“That’s fine” said the doctor.

“I’ll go now” said M.

Excellent! I’ll give you the tracking device and have Gregory show you the way out. Oh, and you may also shower in the other room and there’s some clean clothes for you before you leave.

M washed. The clean set of clothes was a green shirt and a pair of tight pants. M opted to keep his own dirty cargo’s, he washed them in the sink as best he could. The blood stains still remained although faded now, M examined the bullet hole in one of the legs and thought about how it happened.

After M was finished he heard doctor Fallo talking to someone in another room. He walked in, there were monitors all over the walls with images of rooms all around the complex and some from outside. Security cameras M thought.

Doctor Fallo was sitting there giving instructions to Gregory. Gregory was nodding throughout the entire conversation.

“Ready?” asked the doctor.

“I guess so…” Answered M.

“OK THEN!” Yelled Gregory.

Doctor Fallo handed M the tracking device and explained how to use it. it was a small black box that beeped when you got close to the target. It would show an arrow, a distance, and a north, south, east, west, direction once he turned it on. He also told M any other information he could give about the town he was going to and the area.

Gregory led M down a long corridor to an elevator.

A square of concrete began to slowly rise from the ground. attached to it was a metal elevator containing M and Gregory.

It was morning outside.

Gregory asked M if he would like any assistance obtaining his weapons. M shook his head.

“May the winds of good fortune blow through your tree’s like an angry storm.” Said Gregory.

M looked at Gregory and held out his right hand, Gregory shook it.

M walked away towards the decrepit supermarket.

Memories flooded back into M’s head as he approached the still open market door. Some dirt had blown into the  store. The smell was more pungent than he remembered.

M took a few steps into the store and stopped. He listened for any signs of life. He ran his metal right hand across a checkout counter, it made a screeching noise. Nothing stirred in the distance. He continued on.

He saw Terra’s body to his right laying on the floor. He walked to the back of the store, back to where he was chained. Baggo’s body was on the floor, Duma’s body was gone. M picked up his revolver and his shotgun.

M walked back to the front of the store searching for his ammo and gun holster. He found them on one of the tables by Terra’s body. He slipped his holster around his waist again, and placed his revolver into it.

M wanted to find Duma, wanted to find him changed so he could enjoy destroying him even if he was already dead.

M walked around the store some more. He found Delgo’s headless body. He moved towards a back room of the store he had never been in. A pair of legs were sticking out of the opening, clear plastic flaps hung down over it. M moved the flaps and saw it was Duma, dead, white eyed, mouth open. Blood from the knife wound in his chin was caked down his shirt.

“You’re a son of a bitch, couldn’t stay alive could you?” M said to the corpse.

M remembered Duma’s laugh as he stared at his dead expression.
He took his metal fist and smashed it against Duma’s face. The nose broke, the face dented in a little. M brought his fist down again, there was a crack, a small amount of dark red blood seaped out. He continued to bring his fist down as hard as he could into Duma’s face until his hand was just scraping against the tile floor.

M’s right hand dripped with gore and blood. He looked around the store one more time before he left, gathering his ammo and reloading his weapons.

He walked back outside into the sun shaking his metal arm through the air to get the blood off it, and wondered where Andre, the one who ran away went to.

“Friend of yours?”

M Pulled out his revolver and pointed it around him, but nobody was there.

“Down here.”

It sounded like Doctor Fallo’s voice. M looked at his right arm.

“HA! I bet you’re a little startled right now. Don’t worry, it’s just me, Dr. Fallo.
I put a tiny microphone in your new arm. It’s not the greatest, it will probably be out of range once you get a mile or so away but i just wanted to tell you something while there was some distance between us. I put a bomb in your arm. THATS RIGHT! I figured i really do have no idea who you are, or if i can trust you…”

M just shook his head at his arm.

“I’m not surprised.” M said.

“Everything will be ok just bring me back my briefcase and there will be no problems. I trust you will though. And with that. GOOD LUCK!”

There was silence after that. M looked around at his surroundings. he pulled out the tracking device the doctor had given to him, and switched it on. An arrow appeared and the letters SW. it read seven miles.

M started to walk.



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5. M fired his revolver into the heads of whatever tried to attack him and his bleeding father, until it clicked empty. Some neighbors helped him off the ground. He tried to drag his father with him but they pulled him away.

“It’s too late for him” one man said.

The attackers were thinning out now.

Three people dragged M away from his fathers body. His legs leaving zig zags in the dirt ground. He kept squeezing the trigger on his revolver, the chamber spinning, the hammer clicking. He couldn’t believe his fathers body was just laying there.

When M was eight years old his mother went crazy and tried to kill him with a knife. She slashed his face from his forehead to his chin. She said she didn’t want her little boy growing up in this anymore. His father pulled her off him and slapped her to get her to come out of it. She plunged the knife through his shoulder. He shot her through the head with the revolver M still carries with him.

His father kept him safe for fifteen years and now M watched his body shrink smaller and smaller as they dragged him away.

The circle engulfed him.

M didn’t see his fathers eyes open, didn’t see him get up off the ground and charge the group. But he heard the sound of his fathers rifle being fired that a man picked up off the ground. The man looked back at M and frowned, and he knew what had happened.

His father wasn’t the greatest ever, he didn’t teach him life lessons that he would never forget, but he always kept him safe, and kept him sheltered. Taught him how to shoot and take care of his weapons. And that’s all anybody really needed in this type of world anymore.

The survivors made it out of the town with little resistance after that. People started to look around for loved ones and friends to see who made it out and who didn’t. People cried.

M sat down Indian style with his fathers revolver in his lap. He cried.

The remaining people talked about a town a few miles from there. Some wanted to go, some didn’t. Sometimes places didn’t always welcome new people, regardless of their situation or problems. In this part of the country the towns were far apart and they could be as individual as  foreign countries, with their own sets of rules and government. One man assured them all, he’d been there before and they were the same sort of folk as them.

They decided to head west towards the town.

M stood up, and started walking in the opposite direction as the group. They called for him and asked what he thought he was doing. M kept walking.

This was fifteen years ago.

Enjoying yourselves?

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Enjoying yourselves so far? I’m not. I recently bought an iPad and have been writing the remainder of this story on that. It’s useful in that aspect and that’s about all. No more tiny phone typing.
So there’s two more chapters left before I finish this part of the story, i’m not sure if I’ll keep writing more after that I haven’t decided. I might put this whole thing together and send it out to a magazine or something who knows. Sooooo yep. The next one will probably be a short one, finish up that whole escape from the town flashback thingy. Then the last one I imagine will be pretty long probably set up the next story if I feel like doing that. That’s about it.

Sleep well, I’ll most likely kill you in he morning…

John fucking traks


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4. M awoke with blurry vision. He could hear voices talking around him.
His right arm felt like it had been beaten with a bat. His head ached.

“Eyes, eyes open Duma,” he heard one of them say.

“Dead?” asked Duma from across the room.

“Naw, naw he ain’t shiftin around like it” said the one close to M.

M could only make out shapes in the darkness of the room. He saw a
tall figure arise and move in his direction.

“Well, well, you are a hardy one sir.” said Duma.

M tried to move but felt his arms shackled around both elbows. He was
on his knee’s.

“We just feel terrible about this whole thing” said Duma “so, as a sign of good faith, here’s some water.”

He held up a small can, brought it to M’s lips and poured it in. It was thick, and there
was a metallic taste, M spit it out immediately all over Duma.

“Whats the matter?” Asked Duma “it’s your own blood, it should be good
enough for you.”

The entire pack started laughing at this.

“I bet he’s hungry” said The one next to M.

“I bet he is Andre” replied Duma, “lets feed him.”

Duma smeared a piece of meat over M’s lips but he refused to open his
mouth. Duma punched him in the face and held his nose until he opened
it, then forced the piece in. M tried to spit it out again but
Duma held his nose and mouth shut till he swallowed. It was tough and

“Mmmm, good isnt it?” asked Duma. “Andre here is our little chef. Arms
don’t usually make for good eats, but we found yours, especially tasty.”

Everyone started to laugh at this again. M looked at his right arm and
saw it was sawed off halfway down his forearm. A four inch stump was
left attached to the elbow. There was a tourniquet at the end. Duma leaned in and licked the end of the stump. M felt nothing.

“Let’s just kill him already” said Terra who was kneeling by Baggo tending to his wound. “If he dies by himself it might be more trouble than its worth.”

“I’m surprised at you Terra” replied Duma. “This thing killed a member of our family, possibly two if Baggo dies. And he’s chained up. We’ll be fine.”

“I know the circumstances” said Terra “and i’ve seen what just one can do. SO STOP PLAYING WITH THE FOOD!”

“Just take care of Baggo, and make sure, THAT, doesn’t get out of hand, child.”

Terra knelt back down on the floor and held Baggo’s hand, who was laying on his back looking at her, a slow breathing wheeze was coming out of his mouth.

Duma sat down indian style facing M, steepled his hands under his chin and stared at him for a while. M stared back, his vision was returning.

“You’re a unique case” said Duma. “No one has ever just come in here and murdered one of us. You must be extremely stupid, or, extremely desperate. Either way I feel obligated to inflict the worse pain I possibly can on you before you die. THEN after you die and come back I’m going to do even more things to you for good measure.”

“He don’t talk much” said Andre.

“That’s alright, he doesn’t need to talk, we’ll get other sounds out of him” said Duma.

“What do you want to do?” Asked Andre.

Duma looked at Andre and shrugged.

Andre walked over to M and punched him in the side of the head.

“Alright… a little unoriginal but it gets the job done I guess” said Duma.

Duma walked over to M, kneeled over and head butted him in the nose. Andre kicked M in the ribs. They both started to laugh and beat him together. Terra watched in disgust.

M’s body was in shock from losing his arm. He could barely feel the pain from the punishment being dealt to him, but he started to notice after a while that some of the blows that shook him were loosening the shackle on his left arm from the wall.

“WAIT!, WAIT!” said Andre then suddenly ran away. He returned with M’s revolver.

“Oooh yea” said Duma.

Andre walked over to M giggling and shot him in the leg.

“I hope you’re having fucking fun” said terra.

Duma ignored her and gestured to Andre to give him the gun.

A hand grabbed the back of Terra’s neck and smashed her face into the wall, blood splattered out of her mouth and streaked across the cracked plaster. A boot rammed into her spine pinning her to the wall, hands pulled her left arm out of the socket and twisted it till it cracked and hung limp. As she slid down the wall the boot kept stomping her face into it, leaving bloody indentations.


Baggo lunged at Duma.

Andre ran towards the front of the store.

Duma fired a shot point blank at Baggo’s chest, the bullet went straight through and hit Andre in the shoulder As he ran.

Terra reached out and grabbed Andre’s leg. Her face was a mask of blood and gore, one eye hung out past what was her cheek, her jaw hung down half unhinged. Andre shook loose and continued running while holding his shoulder. She got up and chased after him, one arm dangling, an unintelligible yell coming from her.

Duma and Baggo wrestled. Duma flipped Baggo onto the floor and fired two shots into his head. Baggo laid motionless. He then pointed the gun at M’s face and pulled the trigger but there was only a click sound, all the bullets had been spent. Duma dropped the gun and ran off to help Andre.

Andre slid the front door open, ran outside. And kept on running.

“TERRA!” yelled Duma.

Terra turned around and ran towards Duma, he shot off towards the aisles of the store.

M smiled a little as he heard Duma and Terra running around in the distance. This was the diversion he desperately needed.

It was morning outside, light from the open door illuminated the store.

Duma could hear Terra’s gritty breathing behind the shelf he was against. He needed to find a way to get to the shotgun he took from M but every time he made a sound she would charge screaming towards that direction.

Duma picked up an empty can from the floor and threw it over his head. The sound attracted Terra. He ran for the counters in the front where he put M’s shotgun and shells,  sat down and loaded two shells into the chambers.

M tried to pull his left arm shackle from the wall. The screws started to slide out a little. He shook his arm and pulled a little harder. The bracket came free and clanked onto the floor.

Duma got up and walked around the checkout counter.

“OH TERRA, DARLING” he yelled.

Terra came flying around one of the aisles and startled Duma with her speed, he raised the shotgun and half Terra’s head disappeared. Her momentum carried her towards Duma, she stumbled, ran into him, and slid down to the floor. Blood pooled around his feet.

Duma walked towards the back of the store where M was. He saw him slumped over on the floor, one arm was still shackled to the wall.

“Oh, ho, ho, ho…we’ve been a bad boy haven’t we?”

Duma leaned over him. M stuck his knife through the bottom of Duma’s mouth, into his brain. He pulled the knife out and Duma fell convulsing to the floor.

M quickly tried to pull his half severed arm from the wall but it wouldn’t move, he took the knife and cut little slices in his arm around where the restraint was.  The blood made it slick and he pulled till it slid out. He was finally free.

Duma stopped shaking on the floor.

M tried to move quickly to the front of the store, but he was weak and his left leg was crippled from the bullet wound.

He hobbled through the front door and into the warm morning sun.

A breeze blew dust around the parking lot. An old torn flag at the top of a pole flapped and laid still. The faint sound of squeaking grinding machinery started in the distance.

M walked a few feet, then collapsed onto the ground.


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3. Screaming pierced M’s ears, waking him from sleep. A loud
explosion came, followed by more screaming.

M jumped out of bed and stuck his head out of the window,
people were running around, panicked. In the distance he
could see fire coming from one of the buildings. The
factory had exploded, Pieces of it had landed on
surrounding buildings, setting them ablaze. His father burst
through the door and told him they needed to leave, fast. These
things got out of control quick, one death could destroy an entire
town. M followed his father as he got his rifle, handed M a
revolver, and ran out of the house.

The fire had spread quickly across the buildings and homes.

This town was being rebuilt, they had settled here with other people
to start their own colony. They built it around an abandoned steam
energy factory, Which provided power to the entire town. Half the
people worked there, maintaining it as best they could with the
manuals they found left over. Some people worked in the nearby mines
for coal, to power the plant, some, made their living through trade
and bartering for goods in the town.

Old houses and buildings that were left crumbling, were fixed up as
best as could be, other people built their own houses which were more
of an old western style. (Wood and nails being materials they could
still crudely manufacture.)

As M emerged out of the house with his father more loud explosions
erupted, shaking the street, sending more flaming debris across the
town. Large metal shards flew out of the factory, skewering people
into the buildings on the opposite side.

M could see bodies laying in the street down the road, he could see
people still on fire running out of the factory.

His heart pounded in his chest, he heard his father telling him to
run, trying to move his legs was useless though. he could not take his
eyes off the ensuing carnage.

M stared at the flaming bodies lying in the street as they flailed wildly
trying to put out the flames, then they slowly stopped, laid
motionless. His father tugged at his arm, leading him away from the
horrible visage. As they ran away, some of the bodies, began to twitch

Another explosion sent something huge off the roof of the factory
soaring into the sky landing on the roof of a dilapidated building. It
rained debris onto some of the fleeing townsfolk, crushing them.
Half the building toppled over into the street blocking most of the way.

Across from them M saw one of their neighbors yelling something in
their direction that was inaudible with all the noise, he was pointing
towards the factory side of the town, he had an ax in his hand.
RISERS! he yelled.

M and his father turned and saw the bodies slowly rising, some still
burning. The ones stuck to the buildings by the shards of metal shot
out from the factory writhed on them like worms that had just been
pierced with a hook. They had no choice but to run that way to escape.

The flames had jumped from building to building, engulfing the town.

Screams came from some of the homes by people that had been
trapped by the fire, there was no time to save them. They would turn
soon enough.

Other survivors were around M and his father, some parents with
children. Some had guns, others grabbed whatever weapons they
could find. The older survivors had been through this before, it
became a fact of life after a while.

The dead ones began to rise and head towards the living, they sought
them out for some unknown reason, clawing, biting, beating, until they
were dead. They were human shells filled with rage until the parasite
ran its course, or they were killed, again.

The people who had guns started to fire at the walking corpses. The
burned bodies slowly ambled towards the survivors, their black
charred skin peeled and cracked off in parts from the movement,
revealing pink cooked meat beneath it. They were shot dead before
they could reach anybody. The fire had destroyed their muscles
and tendons too much. They could not run.

The bodies that had been impaled to the walls shimmied themselves off
their skews. These moved swiftly towards anything that moved,
screaming in a mindless rage.

More shots rang out.

The quicker moving bodies were harder to kill, only some lucky ones
got off a few head shots.

Some of the risen made it through the gun shots, attacking the
townsfolk. They fended some off with pickaxes to the head, shovels,
hammers, whatever they could find.

One of the bodies broke through the onslaught and tackled a girl in
her mid twenties through a window. Her screams became choked with
blood as the corpse pummeled her mercilessly, it’s fist could be seen
rising and falling through the broken glass window.

A body flew out of a second floor window and landed next to M’s
father. The body belonged to an elderly male, it was slightly burned.
It started to twitch and M’s father shot it through the head with his

The remaining survivors started to converge in the middle of the
street, forming a circle placing the children in the middle. The adults
faced outwards and moved slowly towards the factory side of the
town, the only way that was not blocked.

The bodies that were recently killed started to rise now, and move
towards the circle.

A middle aged woman fended one attacker off by embedding an ax into
it’s head, tears running down her face. The ax got stuck, and the
falling body took it with it. She dragged the body for a little while
by the hilt of the ax, then let go when she decided it wasn’t coming loose.


The circle slowly began to move down the dirt street  towards the edge
of the town. M’s father raised his rifle and put a hole in the head of
a rushing body. The rest of the group held the corpses at bay with
whatever they could.

M fired his revolver at a few advancing corpses grazing their heads,
his father finished them off with his rifle. Next to them was a man
swinging a bat and yelling unintelligibly, he swung at a lunging
corpse hitting it in the head, killing it. The man was wild eyed
and jittery, another body ran at him, he swung the bat clipping
M’s father in the head knocking him down. The rushing corpse
jumped on the jittery man beating him with it’s fists.

“DAD!” M yelled, but his father laid in an unconscious heap, blood
pouring down his head. M knelt down beside his father shaking him.
The people around them tried to close the circle but the running bodies
made their way in too fast, attacking whoever they could.


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2. Sunlight poured into the dark store. The smell of sweat, and urine,
and filth filled M’s nostrils. With his shotgun drawn he slid the door
shut behind him and let his eyes adjust to the surroundings. Beams of
sunlight shone in like lasers through cracks and holes in the boarded
windows. He could see empty shelves, some, knocked over like dominoes
onto each other.

Something stirred in the darkness.

M ran behind one of the abandoned checkout counters, and sat, listening.

His heart beat rapidly.

He suddenly realized what a bad idea this was.

I must have been delirious from exhaustion he thought.

Whispering came from somewhere in the store.

M sat for a minute and contemplated running back toward the entrance.
He wasn’t scared but he knew his body was too weak from his previous
battle to possibly engage in another one. something flew over his head
and crashed against the boarded window behind him. Liquid exploded
from the object and splashed onto his face. As it fell to the floor M
saw it was a bucket, a bucket filled with piss, and shit, he started
to gag. He Vomited up only bile.

At the sound of this several voices started to laugh. M stood up and
fired his shotgun in the direction of the laughter. They were shocked
for a moment as the shot hit one of them in the chest. M made a dash
for one of the aisles as two arrows struck the boards behind him.

“You got no chance!” M heard one of them yell.

“This is our home, little mouse!” Another yelled in a deep raspy

More whispering began between the group.

M leaned against the aisle listening while trying to reload his shotgun.

He was running out of ammo.

There were six shotgun shells left, counting the ones he was about to
load, and he didn’t know how many revolver shells, maybe fifteen.

I do not have the strength for this he thought leaning his head back
against a shelf, this is going to end me.

Before he could reload his shotgun a creaking sound came from the
shelf he was leaning against, then it started to bend in towards him.
They were pushing it over on top of him.

M dropped to the floor.The shelf tipped. It Crashed into the one adjacent to it.

Quickly he began to crawl on all fours towards the back of the store
as more laughter erupted from the group. Two faces appeared behind
him in the space the toppled over shelf left. M pulled his revolver and
fired two shots blindly at them. Missing both.

More mad laughter.

An arrow grazed M’s right arm leaving a gash, and stuck into the wall
at the end of the store.He continued to crawl.

Emerging from the toppled over shelves he ran behind a refrigerating
case that long ago was used to store cold foods. To his left in the
corner hanging from the ceiling was a mirror, it was dirty, but in it
M could see half of the store reflected. He saw shadowy figures, two
were splitting up around the shelves they had just knocked over. One
carried a bow, the other a large club. Another was kneeling over a
body. M guessed that was the one he had hit with the blind shotgun

That’s four total M thought.

“How’s Baggo?” The one with the deep raspy voice asked.

“He’s breathing,” the one kneeling by the body replied, it was a
female voice.

“If he stops breathing you know what you have to do.”

“I know” she replied.

M hoped the one called Baggo would die, and hopefully create a big
enough diversion for him. He wondered if they could see him in the same
mirror also, but he was hidden by the refrigeration case.

His arm was still bleeding heavily from the arrow slicing it.

The two Blackhearts moved slowly around the toppled shelves unaware
they were being watched. The one with the club tapped it on the ground
with every step, like a walking stick. The other placed an arrow in his
compound bow and aimed it back and forth. As they got closer M could
make out more details of the figure’s. The one with the club was tall and
broad with long straight dark hair. Most likely the leader M thought.
The other was skinny with messy blond spiked hair. They wore dirty
pants and t-shirts, with rips in various places. The tall one had a gauntlet
on his right arm with nails sticking out at least five inches long. The
skinny figure wore shoulder pads with spikes protruding from the left side.

“You’ve come into our home, uninvited” said the tall one.

“Uninvited” echoed the other one.

“And we were gonna go out for food tonight, huh Delgo?” said the tall

“Out for food” said the other in a playful tone.

M slowly reloaded the shotgun, careful not to make any noise as he
cracked forward the barrel and slipped in two new shells. The tall one
turned the aisle corner and spotted the fresh blood trail left on the dirty
black and white checkered tile floor by M’s arm, it led to where
he was now sitting. Delgo, the blond one appeared, The tall one
notioned to him about the blood and put his finger to his lips in a
“stay quiet” gesture. They both started to walk around opposite side’s
of the refrigeration case. M looked back at the mirror and was
startled to see the two gang members approaching him on both sides.

If I’m gonna do something I have to do it now he thought.

M stood up and charged toward the blond one with the bow, Screaming.
Before he could release an arrow M emptied both barrels into his face
at point blank. Delgo’s head exploded into a red mist. What wasn’t
completely vaporized splattered onto the toppled shelves behind him. M
continued to run down the aisle, the tall one behind him let out a
growl filled with rage.

“He’s heading towards the front, Terra, be ready!” he yelled.

The female next to the body M had shot in the chest picked up her bow
and readied an arrow in anticipation.

M came to the end of the aisle and dove for the checkout counters,
crawling his way towards the door, he stopped at the last counter.

An arrow pierced the boarded window above him.

The tall leader walked next to the girl and picked up the bow on the
floor that belonged to Baggo.

Another arrow pierced the wall above M’s head.

“You’re stuck, little mouse” said the leader.

An arrow glanced off the floor next to M and ricocheted into darkness.

There was a wide open space between him and the door, if he made a
dash for it he would be dead.

M started to reload his shotgun, as he did he heard heavy footsteps
running towards him from his left, he turned and drew his pistol as a
club smashed against his face knocking him sprawling into the area
between the door and the counters. Both guns flew out of his hands.

“Good job Andre” said the leader.

M tried to get up on all fours as he spit a mouthful of blood on the
floor. He felt dizzy, his arms and legs were weak.

Five he thought, there was five.

A sharp pain exploded in his stomach as the tall one kicked him onto
his back. The one who clubbed him grabbed M’s arms and held them
outstretched behind his head. The girl held his legs as the leader sat
on his chest facing sideways.

“My, my, my, little mouse, you caused quite a mess” he said. “What
were you looking for?”

M only looked at him through glassy eye’s.

“Not answering huh? Remember guest, you fired first, we were just
having some fun with you.”

The weight released off M’s chest as the tall one got up and walked
over to the sprawled guns. He picked them up and then sat back
down on M’s chest sideways.

“I thank you for these friend.” He placed the revolver against M’s

“Looking for water” M said.

“Water?!” he replied in a surprised tone, “you came here looking for
water?! What kind of a place does this look like!”

The entire group broke out in laughter at that statement, even Baggo
the one laying on the floor with the shotgun wound in his chest
chuckled and then coughed a little blood.

“Glad to see the high spirits have returned Baggo” the leader said.

Baggo gave a slow thumbs up.

“Your brothers dead Baggo.”

“Gah” came out of his mouth as a reply in a bloody bubble. He slowly
lowered his thumb.

“Where are my manners” said the leader “let me introduce our little
group here. The one holding your arms is Andre, he’s the youngest, and
we’re very proud of him. Holding your legs is Terra who if I might say
is quite the looker isn’t she?”

Terra had a half shaved head of bright red hair and a slender body,
she wore a dirty tank top that used to be yellow, now it was covered
with filth. One leg of her pants was torn off revealing a shapely leg.
Possibly she would have been pretty years ago before a
cancer decided to eat the world hollow.

“That’s Baggo over there on the floor, you shot him… and you already
meet and greeted his brother Delgo in the back of the store. And me,
I’m Duma. And that’s the end of you.”
M blacked out as the butt of his shotgun came down on his head.

Ah crap

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So I had a backstory for this whole thing but I lost it somewhere transfering all my files around. I do most of the writing on my phone which is what I’m doing right now. If I can find it I’ll post it but for now this doesn’t take place on our earth its like an alternate earth, things are a little different. different technology that kind of deal, so don’t be mad if things are weird. The earth rotted from the inside and changed everything, the water changed and started to mutate trees and people and animals. All that good stuff. It also put a parasite in human brains so that when you die the parasite takes over and kind of makes you like a crazy zombie type deal. but it only lasts for a little while then the parasite is done eating. Unless you hurt the brain of course.original right? I know, I’m amazing. Oh and yes his name is M, I couldn’t think of a name I liked so he’s M. maybe I’ll make it short for something else I haven’t decided yet. Eat me. I think that covers everything. I’ll probably put up a new chapter every month so be patient you heathens.